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We help brands and agencies run better promotions with unique codes on their packs. Our patented coding technology is guaranteed to save brands money for coded on-pack promotions. We also offer a range of award-winning services to make your brand promotion work.

Why we're different

We have the best system currently available for brand proof of purchase, a unique pack coding system which is easy, efficient and cost-effective. We work directly with brands or partner with agencies, using our expert knowledge and range of services to catalyse brand promotions.

Who we work with

brands we work with

We've run consumer and trade schemes for brands such as Heineken, Anchor, PG Tips, Britvic, Walkers PepsiCo, Kenco, The Sun & Kettle Chips. We also partner with agencies such as Whynot!, JWT, Simbiotik, Mediator, Iris & Proximity to help deliver great promotions that drive sales.

agencies we work with


Better for consumers

Our codes are easy for consumers to use, that’s the reason why we see at least 1 entry every 3 seconds. Unlike other forms of proof of purchase, no additional apps are needed and validation is immediate.

Better for brands

Not only do our consumer-friendly codes keep consumers happy but they drive engagement. On average, unique code promotions increase sales by 8% versus barcodes. They help brands collect fraud-proof accurate data.

Better financially

Last year we printed over 6bn codes and our unique coding solutions have helped brands save up to 80% on their coding costs. Compared to alternatives such as barcodes, our trackable, fraud management system makes budgets manageable and maximises ROI.

Better for the factory

Our easy to install solution will be set up quickly by one of our experts. From there it will have no effect on line speed and cause no hassle for the factory. We’ve never found a pack we’ve not been able to code.

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To make sure we at Hive stay up to date with the latest on-pack trends, every quarter we commission an independent market report. To find out the latest on why brands run on-pack promotions and which categories are leading the way, click here for a full report.

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